RiseVibes: quick catch-up with singer-song writer Dan White

Adelaide singer-song writer Dan White will be a guest artist at LifeWell Conference 2018 in Adelaide in August.



Dan White is a self-taught singer-song writer from Adelaide and has been playing and developing his passion for music for 15 years. He crafts songs that tell stories from the heart, evoking deep emotion from those who hear them. His goal in life is to pursue the things that he loves and to encourage others along the way to truly see the beauty that lies within them both in his personal life and through his music.



Why have you accepted an invitation to participate in LifeWell Conference?

I accepted the invitation to participate in LIfeWell conference as I love the city I live in and this provides an opportunity as a local artist to hopefully inspire people that also call Adelaide home.

How does LifeWell’s purpose and theme resonate with you as a Christian artist?

The theme of ‘Awake My Soul’ resonates with me as a Christian artist as it reminds me of King David and how he stirred himself to see further than his current circumstances. It is easy to get caught up in our current situations, good or bad, but God has called us to fix our eyes on Him and His truth daily.

Is there anything else about your music and your faith that you would like to share ahead of the Conference?

One of my deep passions is for people to expand their expectations and views as Christians to see that we are made in the image of a God who is not limited in his creativity and sound which flows through us. There is a unique and beautiful expression within each of us that has been carefully crafted by the Creator. He is forever championing this creativity to be released without fear of failure or comparison.

Hear more from Dan at LifeWell Conference 2018.  See more of Dan at facebook.com/DanWhiteSings


Author: Rise Magazine

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