The Perfect You: Wired for Health

The fact that you are wired for love is reflected in all the bodily systems. When you don’t think and choose well, when you step out of your ThePerfectYou, it affects the whole body. 75 to 98% of all mental and physical illness is a result of the thought life. If you are functioning according to ThePerfectYou, you remain in good health and your body heals a lot faster. You are wired for health. 

Nervous System- Healthy thoughts literally causes the brain to grow, making you more intelligent. Since the brain is connected via the rest of the nervous system to all the rest of the body, total health increases.

Endocrine System- Healthy thoughts positively affect the hormonal balance, which in turn positively affects all the rest of the bodily systems. Even fertility can be affected by the thought life.

Immune System- Thoughts affect the functioning of the defenders of the body- the white blood cells. Healthy thoughts lead to robust white blood cells which can fight off infections and even devour cancer cells.

Intestinal System- The gut has a brain of its own. A ‘gut feeling’ is real. Healthy thoughts enable proper food digestion and therefore lead to good general health.

Integumentary System-This system includes the skin, the largest organ in the body. Healthy thoughts lead to better skin- the first line of defence for the rest of the body.

Muscular System- When your thought life is healthy you are motivated to exercise. Exercised muscles in turn released substances that increase brain health. This is an example of an upward spiral.

Cardiovascular System- Healthy thoughts are involved in proper communication between the heart mini-brain and the skull brain, leading to the promotion of well-being by the heart’s orchestration of the whole body’s electromagnetic rhythm and harmony.  Good thoughts also enhance the vascular system, thus preventing hypertension.

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Communication Pathology specializing in Neuropsychology. For nearly 30 years she has researched the science of thought.  During her years in clinical practice as a Communication Pathologist she developed tools and processes that help people develop and change their thinking and subsequent behaviour. Her scientific Science of Thought techniques have transformed the lives of patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), learning disabilities, emotional traumas and released the potential of thousands of young students and adults.  

Dr Leaf has developed the The Gift Profile– a 210-question journey that will help you gain a better understanding of who you really are, ThePerfectYou. ThePerfectYou profile is featured in her successful book, ‘The Gift In You’. The book has an accompanying study guide and 4-part DVD series. Find out more at

Dr Leaf’s books and resources are available through Koorong (instore and online) or direct at

Author: Rise Magazine

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