Deep Leadership

Article by Dr Nick Hawkes.

Multi-award winning author Nick Hawkes introduces his latest book ‘Deep Leadership’, available through CBMC International (SA).

A survey by Deloittes of 3,300 organisations from 106 countries has identified “leadership” to be the most pressing issue of our time. Global companies have rated it as their number one concern for three years in a row. It seems that little progress is being made in what has become a perennial challenge. In business, politics, education and the church, the cry is the same: “Where can we find leaders with character who will take us into the future?”

Unfortunately, most organisations don’t have a program designed to grow transformative leaders. CBMC have therefore sought to serve the leaders of our society by providing a resource that would enable their organisations to do so. However, CBMC did not want to provide just any sort of leadership resource.

You see: the best leadership is visceral. It comes from the heart. Great leadership that lifts organisations and nations to new heights—springs from a great character. A nation or an organisation will not rise above the moral and spiritual integrity of its leaders.

If you want to explore leadership that is anything more than learning tricks that will help you get your own way in a board room, or close a deal… you will have to look at who you are, why you are, what you will live and die for; what you believe and what you value.

The most timeless principles of “good” this world has ever seen; the most ethical, most egalitarian, most productive values that have undergirded civilised society… that have been the basis of its legal system, hospitals and schools, has been authentic Christianity. So, whether or not you are a Christian, it would be perverse not to distil the secrets of leadership, creativity and transformation from its values.

Dr Nick Hawkes, author of ‘Deep Leadership’.

CBMC therefore offers you the book, “Deep Leadership.” It harvests the best teaching on leadership from around the world—and takes it to a new depth, one that involves character and meaning. The book can also be read a chapter at a time with your leaders as an in-house training course. A free study guide for the book is available on the CBMC website. If you can’t get to an in-house course, contact CBMC on their website to see if there is a local group you can join.

I invite you to step out of the ordinary… and embrace “Deep Leadership.”

Read the introduction to Nick’s book ‘Deep Leadership’ on the CBMC website. View the table of contents and find out more about the author. You can also download a free study guide.


Author: Rise Magazine

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