Party Safe Tips for the Festive Season

The Encounter Youth Green Team’s Party Safe Tips for the Festive Season

The team at Encounter Youth engages with over 15,000 young people annually with their Party Safe Education program, making them the largest provider of alcohol and other drug education to secondary students in the state. Here are their tips to help us all party safely during the festive season:

  • Look after yourself: You are Number One, so plan ahead to ensure you can get out at any time you need to. Over the festive season there are many different people out and about and this can change typical party environments.
  • Look after your mates: Stick together and stay in groups. Particularly for the ‘phantom’ mates (those that disappear very quickly). Keep a look out for them and ensure everyone arrives and leaves the party together.
  • Hydrate: With warmer conditions over summer, drink plenty of water whether you are choosing to drink alcohol or not. It ensures you and your mates stay hydrated and you will feel much better when waking up the next day.
  • Plan to get home safely: If catching a taxi, get picked up and dropped off together. This ensures no one is left alone in a taxi and that everyone gets home safely.

For details about the Party Safe Program or to find out more about the positive impact that Encounter Youth is having with young people in the community visit .

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Author: Rise Magazine

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