Poverty-fighting greeting cards

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What if someone told you that buying one card could change the world?

That’s crazy, right? You can’t just buy one greeting card and change the world. Changing the world for the better is a monumental task that would require billions of people, hours and dollars—certainly a lot more than just one card purchase.

But what if seven billion people bought just one card?

Around the world every year, seven billion greeting cards are purchased, with annual retail sales estimated at almost $10 billion. That’s a lot of people buying a lot of cards. Imagine how many lives could be changed around the world if 100% of those profits were used to help people in need.

James Agnew, designer and founder of Noteworthy Cards

That’s what James Agnew, a graphic designer and communications manager in Adelaide, started thinking a couple of years ago. He wanted to use his skills and abilities to make a difference for people suffering in poverty. Inspired by social enterprises such as Thankyou and Who Gives A Crap, he decided to use his talents to design and sell greeting cards. After spending hundreds of hours developing the idea, Noteworthy Cards was launched in April 2018. Its mission is to inspire people to love generously through words of encouragement while funding life-changing gifts for people suffering in poverty.

James said, ‘I’m excited about the potential of this unique Australian social enterprise. Everyone gives greeting cards, but now you can give cards which make a difference for more than just the recipient.’

Noteworthy Cards is donating 100% of its profits to fund Useful Gifts through TEAR Australia, who facilitate long-term development projects with accredited organisations in multiple countries around the world. TEAR helps local communities gain the skills and resources they need to address local problems and come up with sustainable solutions.

‘It’s important to me that profits from Noteworthy Cards are used to really help people both now and in the long run. I love that TEAR Australia partner with local communities to make a lasting impact,’ said James.

‘I hope you’ll be inspired to think about how you can make a difference in the world. Even if it’s through purchasing toilet paper from Who Gives A Crap, hand wash from Thankyou, and greeting cards from Noteworthy Cards, your buying decisions can make a life-changing impact for people in need.’

What can you do to help people suffering in poverty? Go to noteworthy.cards and put your money to good use. You can even use coupon code RISE for a 10% discount until the end of December.

So go on, buy that card. And maybe a few more while you’re at it!


Author: Rise Magazine

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